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10 Things People Need to Stop Posting in Facebook!
Published By Mr Arrogant on 2012-10-18 237 Views

Facebook is a great place to connect and socialize but some people, almost about 30% of the friendlist, take the connecting with Facebook rather very very seriously and then post stuff miserable, making the Facebook newsfeed miserable.

       Yeah, therefore, I have listed below 10 things that girls need to stop posting in Facebook which rather irritates everyone.

1. I Like To Pose in the Bathroom Photo
Some people, especially girls get obbessed with the bathroom and the bathroom mirror that once you find one, you just take your camera and snap, you take the picture. And then post it in Facebook, you bathroom mirror photo, thinking you look so hot, with no idea how you really look.

2. Sad, Suicidal and Emo Status
You are sad, in pain and diguested in life? Go and cry… Don’t cry out your words of pain and sadness as facebook status announcing the whole world. Some people really freak out by posting all those sad and out of life status updates telling stories about their poor and sad life.

3. You were at Mc Donald’s or KFC… Don’t Make an Announcement with 200 Photos
    You went for a treat in Mc Donald’s or for a burger at KFC and then you take weird photos of eating that shit and then posting it in Facebook with like 200 photos of you r step by step eating process and the food you ate and then even adding up the location where you world, making the whole world know that.


4. Posting Romantic Lyrics is LAME
     If you cant even write a sentence yourself to post as a status update then don’t write anything. but please stop posting those lame lyrics from sad songs that so so bores your Facebook friends.

5. No Same-Sex Relationship unless you’re Gay or Lesbian
   This trend is most common in girls where girls are in a relationship with her best friend in Facebook. This is quite common but not so lively and interesting so girls stop being in relationship with your best friend unless you’re a lesbian

6. Photos of Celebrities!
    This one always make me irritated. People post photos of celebrites and make it as their profile pic. One has Rihanna as her profile photo while this guy made Edward Cullen his profile pic. Grow up! Other people will not think you are Edward Cullen just because you had his picture uploaded.

7. Photos with Like if You…..
     This really drives me crazy. I mean people force you to like and share a photo by some lame crazy quote with it like Like and Share this photo if you love your mother, or like this photo if you have ever sleep in the bed etc.

8. God is Great but Facebook isn’t a Church
     Everyone loves god and respect god but some people climb the heights of this one and then post status about god and quotes from the bible every 5 minutes and then loads of photos uploaded one after the other about god, and then share posts about bible and gospels and religion. Come on, we understand you love god and there is a limit to everything.

9. Sharing Photos with Sad Quotes
     People really get addicted to share photos with depressing sad quotes in it. Just because a photo that has a sad quote doesn’t mean that you get so touched you share it every now and then. The rest of the world is happy to live with it.

10. Posts with Shoes and Sandals
This one is very very common to girls sharing photos of their dress, shoes, sandals, accessories, etc. OMG! We’re in Facebook to socialize and connect with friends, not for a fashion show. So go to Paris and share your Fashion collection and stop posting it in Facebook.


Read more: http://webupon.com/social-networks/10-things-people-need-to-stop-posting-in-facebook/#ixzz29e7Wazm2 


Read more: http://webupon.com/social-networks/10-things-people-need-to-stop-posting-in-facebook/#ixzz29e7RY7Bp

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